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Reality Show Star and Louisiana Entrepreneur Publishes Holiday Cookbook with Williams Commerce

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Ideas in the back of our mind are the best ones to act on. They are planted there for reasons, and we won’t know what those reasons are unless we act on the ideas. Karen Landry’s journey to become an author is an inspiration for anyone who has ideas in the back of their head that they want to accomplish. Before the release of her highly anticipated cookbook “Killa Be Cookin” I was grateful for the opportunity to discuss the release of her cookbook, her background in the kitchen, and her favorite food cities.

Ross: Books are one of the most valuable resources in society. How high does becoming an author sit on your lengthy list of accomplishments?


Ross: When did you first get the idea to write a book?

Killa: I actually think the idea has always been in the back of my mind. Or at least, looking back at it, I think my ancestors were telling me I should do it one day. I always had an inkling to write down my ingredients. I've been making up my own recipes since a child. I'm just now beginning to document with details and measurements though. It feels really good that I’m creating that.

Ross: When did you first start cooking?

Killa: I started cooking when I was a child. It was just something I took to. My mom would call me over and say, "let me show you how to season this chicken, make this gravy, or fix this dish." One summer, she just started calling me from work while I was home and telling me to start dinner. And I started to enjoy it. I'd look up recipes to cook and try my own little remixes. It was an escape for me. A chance to really let go and just be me. So, it started off as a way to contribute to my household and ended up being my creative space.

Ross: What are people who don’t cook missing out on in the kitchen?

Killa: Good ass food! Haha no, but seriously, I think they are missing out on a chance to just try new things. New dishes. New flavors. New techniques. I don't know about you, but I get bored eating the same things over and over. I like to mix up flavors, try new cuisines, and tap into other cultures.

Ross: What are your top 5 favorite food cities?

Killa: This is hard because I live in New Orleans. But NOLA is obviously number one! Then I’d say New York City- they have so many different options. Chicago and Austin are on my list.

Who is your favorite food city?

  • New Orleans

  • Austin

  • Chicago

  • New York

Ross: How do you want your cookbook to impact your entrepreneurial career?

Killa: I'd like this to be the start of all kinds of food-centric ventures. More cookbooks, for one. But I'd also like to have my own line of sauces/seasonings, a "cook with me" style box, and even tap into a visual podcast or show that allows me to eat good and talk about some relevant shit. My friends and I have some really solid conversations that I think the world would benefit from hearing. And we love to eat! I’m just kind of going with the flow and seeing where life leads me. I’m putting it out there and walking on faith.

Ross: What advice would you give someone trying to publish their first book?

Killa: On the front end, just do it. Write it out. It doesn’t have to be perfect. You can perfect it along the way but starting is the biggest piece. And then I’d say get organized. Take it step by step. Make sure you have everything you need to not only create the content but make it look good and ensure you have a way to sell it.

Ross: What do you have planned next for your literary career?

Killa: Next, I'd like to work on a cookbook that either showcases southern-style foods or combines food with comfort and feeling good. I'd like the ingredients to mean something. Not just your typical "unhealthy comfort foods," but some things that actually boost your mood or aid in certain benefits. I don’t fully have it ironed out, but I just want to share the “feel goods” that food gives me with the world. So, stay tuned! I'm trying to get something else out in late winter / early spring.

Thanks for reading our article with Karen Landry who can be found on Instagram and Tik Tok.

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