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Therapist & International Public Speaker Releases Children's Book & Shares Public Speaking Tips

Updated: Jan 3


Grandparents are valuable vessels to connect their grandchildren with previous generations. International public speaker and therapist Dayle Malen’s bond with her grandchildren inspired her to create a unique children’s book that’s the first of its kind. Weeks before adding published author to her lengthy list of superlatives, I spoke with Dayle Malen to discuss her journey of becoming an author.


Ross: When did you first get the idea to write a book?

Dayle: When I would visit my grandchildren, they would ask me to make up a story on the spot using the characters they would give me. Since my granddaughter had just started reading chapter books, one day after telling a story, my daughter suggested I tell them Chapter 2 at the next visit. So the idea for a chapter book came from her. At the same time, I had an idea that it would be fun if there was a coloring page at the end of each chapter. They would then have a chapter book with their own interpretive color illustration to read again and again.

Ross: What were the biggest challenges with completing your book?

Dayle: Creating the story was easy compared to finding an illustrator that could capture the characters and scenes I had created in my head so perfectly. I was very fortunate to find Chandi and Jagath. They were so flexible and responded in a very reasonable timeframe. I plan on using them again.

Ross: What advice would you give to someone trying to publish their first book?

Dayle: I suggest they do the research to find the perfect team. I was intimidated (and still am) by self-publishing. While I was visiting my nephew and his family, I was shown a children’s book that had been written by one of their nannies and published by a friend in the business. What a gift Ross has been. I took my time finding an illustrator and saw many illustrations from many illustrators. Ross, Chandi and Jagath are my perfect team.

Ross: Which books inspired you to become an author?

Dayle: I have too many books to count! I am inspired by authors that inspire others to develop their own talents, such as Dr. Wayne Dyer’s “Don’t Let The Music Die Inside You”. Since I have published numerous articles for various magazines, I acknowledge the love of writing. I have already started writing a book based on one of the seminars I present – “How To Be Angry Better.” After many seminar participants asked me where they could find a book on the material and since the material was of my own design, I thought I should write a book.

Ross: Public speaking is one of the most desired ventures for authors and you have done public speaking internationally. What advice would you give to others trying to break into the public speaking realm?

Dayle: Practice in front of small crowds first, even if that means a gathering of friends and family. Your audience is there because they are interested in your topic. Remember, you are the expert on the topic and you get to choose the information you want to present. In other words, you know more than them.Unless you are a good storyteller, and know what to say and when, keep the information succinct. Your audience will lose interest if you ramble or give non-pertinent information. Last but not least, HAVE A GOOD TIME!

Ross: What do you have planned next for your literary career?

Dayle: I’ll continue writing the book “How To Be Angry Better.” I’ve indicated in “The Treasure in the Ocean” that there will be a sequel, so I’ll have to start that at some point. In addition, I promised my grandson I’d write a book with his preferred characters as well.

What are the main takeaways you want readers to have from your book?

I want the children to know that they had a part in creating a book that they can keep forever. There are also subtle lessons for the children within the book which I hope they pick up as well. And of course, I want this book to inspire the children to keep reading.

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