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Doctor & Army Vet Opens Therapy Consulting Business After Publishing Her First Book

The biggest misconception in therapy across various cultures is that something has to be "wrong with you" to see a therapist.


Until recent years, therapy and mental health have been swept under the rug by society. There is still progress to be made regarding social stigmas and systematic support for mental health, but there has been a shift in society to realize the importance and normalcy of therapy. Regardless of race, religion, gender, or economic status, each human will endure obstacles, situations, or challenges that will test our mental health. Therapy isn’t always utilized for crises. The best time to make sure your roof is in order is when the sun is shining. Crises are more prone to happen when regular maintenance hasn’t been performed. Therapy is often utilized as a resource for maintaining healthy mindsets, relationships, marriages, and careers. After learning of how important mental health professionals are, I made an intentional effort to lift the voices and publish books for Black Therapists that are making a difference in the culture, community, and economy. Dr. Shundrika Jones has been doing all three plus more. This week I had the opportunity to catch up with Dr. Jones after she published her first book with Williams Commerce.


Ross: 2022 has been such a productive year for you, and I believe you have many more things to accomplish before 2023. Could you please tell the readers about your achievements this year?

Dr. Jones: 2022 has been a busy yet exciting year so far for me. I published my first book, and my business Collective Psychotherapy expanded. Additionally, I had a lot of success in my military career. I successfully completed my Company Command time.

Ross: What motivated you to start your business?

Dr. Jones: What motivated me to start my business was my passion to help others and my own mental health journey. I learned a long time ago to enjoy the journey instead of focusing on the results. That is truly what I teach my clients to do. Understanding that taking time to enjoy your healing journey creates mental stability like no other. Additionally, wanting to help the youth was another significant contributing factor to my business. For every child, I can reach and help equal one less emotionally and mentally damaged adult in the world.

Ross: What advice do you have for new authors wanting to grow their brand?

Dr. Jones: My advice for new authors is to follow your heart and be sure you are keeping your target audience in mind when you write or produce any new products. Most authors will probably agree that we are inspired to write in order to help others in some way, but as we build our brand, it is important that we continue to keep our purpose and customers in mind.

Ross: What are the unique aspects of your business?

Dr. Jones: At Collective Psychotherapy, we focus on helping individuals, families, and couples heal from traumatic events. We currently have two therapists, which allows potential clients to choose the therapists they resonate the best with. Additionally, I am hosting groups for teenagers to help them learn their emotions and effective ways to navigate and communicate with them.

Ross: How has releasing a book changed your career?

Dr. Jones: Releasing my book has been a bonus in my career. I talk a lot about shifting your perspective with my clients. One way to do that is to use positive affirmations and journaling. Therefore, my book has been used by many of my clients, and it has helped them identify their own thinking patterns.

Ross: What are the biggest misconceptions about mental health and therapy?

Dr: Jones: The biggest misconception in therapy across various cultures is that something has to be "wrong with you" to see a therapist. Therapy is viewed as a luxury expense for many people. Many people also only think of mental health as a label such as a diagnosis. The truth is you can see a therapist to learn ways to adjust to life changes or cope with life stressors, which we all experience in life. We do not have to go through life suffering in silence.

Follow Dr. Jones on Instagram & visit Collective Psychotherapy - Are you looking for relief from life’s daily... to learn more about her business.

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